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About me

Following a career in the financial sector spanning 41 years I retired in November 2019. After a few months of relaxation, travelling and spending quality time with my family the COVID lockdown forced a halt on my original plans.  However many a long walk with our dogs, Ava and Bella, gave me endless thinking time to decide what to do next.


As I wanted to ensure my expertise and knowledge, gained over my extensive career, was utilised to help others less fortunate than myself, I took up a position as a board trustee for a very well deserving charity. The charity Quetzal supports women who have been impacted by childhood sexual abuse. Please check out Quetzal as there are so many ways that you can get involved in supporting them too.


I also pursued activities that could be a potential hobby to fill my spare time. After attempting a variety of options I realised that I really enjoyed making my own jewellery. I spent a long time perfecting techniques and having family and friends feedback on designs and trying out

proto- types for me before I decided to take a step further and look to sell my products. That’s was the start of JAN’S GEM’S.



About my products

I produce original designs in semi precious stones and sterling silver (with the exception of the Fashion Collection which is a mixture of stones and metals). All styles are “one offs” and therefore will remain unique for you. I am happy to discuss custom style requests and will accommodate where possible.

The silver used in my designs is either 925 Sterling silver or Recycled sterling silver from a registered precious metal merchant. Both options are equal in quality and cost however the recycled option is a sustainable choice which has  a positive impact on the environment.There is no difference in the look of recycled silver however recycled silver items will not have an assayers stamp.


A very warm welcome to all existing customers, potential customers and visitors to my site I hope you are as pleased with the designs and quality of my jewellery as my family and friends have been. Please do not hesitate to message me with any requests, feedback or questions.


Yours Sincerely



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